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How to Insure Your Retirement Savings from Market Volatility

With the housing & mortgage crisis, interest rate cuts, inflation concerns, slowing economy, and recession fears, many investors today are legitimately concerned about putting their money into the market.


Essentially, mutual funds or stock & bond portfolios are a one dimensional investment vehicle - what you see on any given day is what you get!  If your account value is up - it's a "good day".  If your account value is down, it may not be such a "good day".


Imagine for a moment if you had two more options in addition to just hoping that your investment grows.


Imagine if you had:


- A 6% minimum guarantee for the life of your investment regardless of what the market does.


- Each year the ability to lock-in your account value so you don't have to suffer when witnessing your retirement investment decline.


Well you can! You can have the best of all worlds.  Many of our clients are now choosing these types of investment strategies so they can have the full upside of the market during the "good times" but still have peace of mind during times, like now, that may not be so "good".


*Devereaux Investments utilizes Variable Annuities provided by AAA rated insurance carriers to insure that your retirement investment (401k, IRA, 403b, SEP or even Savings) guarantees a 6% minimum annual growth rate on your investment and locks in each year's account value for retirement income purposes.


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